Dill (Anethum graveolens)

Tregren-Herbs-Dill       seed pod


Dill is one of the oldest and most famous potted plants. Nowadays, it is used mostly as a condiment for fish. Dill should be used much more than it is today, already thanks to its rich content of iron (more than in spinach and parsley).
It also contains large amounts of potassium, which means that the use of salt can be reduced.

Dill grows wild around the Mediterranean area. It is widely used in Northern and Eastern Europe, while it is almost unknown in France and Italy. Dill has been cultivated in the Nordic region from about the 1600s. It promotes digestion and reduces flatulence. Medical Dill has been used as a tea for insomnia and to relieve colic in infants.


* Dill goes well with thyme.

* Works well in cabbage, onion and other vegetable dishes.

* Also used in egg and rice dishes as well as fresh cheese.

* In all kinds of seafood.

* As decoration.

* In cucumber salads and fresh salads.

* With boiled potatoes, sauces and soups.

* As a spice in e.g. fish soup, baked fish and various casserole dishes.

* For gravlax.


Growing Tips:

Seed pods:

Seed pods are compressed ecological peat pods. Just add the seeds of your choice. The peat pod has a diameter of 5 cm, and when placed in water they expand to a height of 6 cm. Unused seed pods remains usable for many years, and are ready to grow fresh herbs and salads as soon as it is placed in water. The package contains two seed pods.

Tregrens’s seed pods are an easy and effective way to grow any plant of your choice. Everyone will be a successful gardener with Tregren’s seed pods, especially when they are placed in Genie Kitchen Garden or Herbie Indoor Garden. Fresh herbs and lettuces will be ready for cooking and eating in 3-8 weeks depending on the plant.


How to use:

Put the pod in a vessel with water for 5 minutes. Then gently press the seed paper against the pod until it is totally moist and move the pod to your Tregren Indoor Garden.


To cultivate potted dill from the store:
Remove the plastic cover and place the rosemary in your Herbie. Remove all interspersed and shrivelled leaves and stems. Add the nutrients in the water. Do not buy the plant if the peat / soil in the pot is dry. This could mean that the roots of the plant are injured and will partially fade.



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