Active Growing Technology™ – making it easy

To put it simple, with Active Growing Technology all of us can enjoy fresh herbs, lettuce and vegetables in our homes all year round. Familiar from greenhouses, the Active Growing TechnologyTM developed by Tregren Ltd. makes indoor gardening easy and successful even for inexpert gardeners.

The Active Growing Technology is based on hydroponic cultivation where plants are grown in a soilless aquatic-based environment, where nutrients are distributed via water. On the contrary, in basic passive growing methods, water and nutrients are distributed through capillary action.

Tregren develops active growing products where water and nutrients are distributed by a pump. Additionally plants are grown under controlled conditions of light, temperature, and humidity.

Advantages include ease of maintenance as watering and feeding involve just topping up the reservoir of growing solution. Tregren’s Active Growing TechnologyTM also supplies the necessary oxygen for healthy plant growth. If you haven’t started indoor gardening yet, now is a good time to start. Tregren offers everything you need for starting up your own indoor garden.


Active Growing Technology



  • Tasty, fresh greens available all year round in your home
  • Clean and easy. No soil is needed which make gardening indoors pleasant
  • Stable and high yields. Up to three times bigger yields compared to farming in soil
  • Minimal need for maintenance
  • Joy of success – as the plants always have optimal growing conditions

Product Philosophy

Holistic convenience is in the core of everything we develop at Tregren. This is especially important since gardening has to be easy and successful for every amateur gardener.

The busy everyday does not leave time for surplus efforts taking care of plants. You can grow nearly any plant in all our products without spending more than 15 minutes per month for maintenance of your indoor garden. All this is enabled by Tregren’s Active Growing Technology.

We embrace design. For us the design is a vital part of our product development and our whole activity. We collaborate with selected designers that share the vision of creating sophisticated and convenient consumer products with a low carbon footprint. Our collaborative product developers are represented by the best professionals and emerging designer talents.

The guideline we follow in everything we do, design and develop. We have taken big efforts in minimizing energy consumption and carbon footprint in all our products.

A good example of this is the state of the art LED lights we introduced to the market. We reduce the carbon footprint in our material choices. We introduce renewable cellulose fibre based bio-composite polymers in all our new products. The material fulfills the quality requirements and environmental criteria. This material contains up to 60% wooden fibers. Additionally the supply chain and the use of renewable raw materials ensure that the new composite also has a small carbon footprint.


Tregren, previously IndoorGarden, is a leading Finnish clean tech company specialized in developing and producing ecological, contemporary and convenient indoor gardens based on Active Growing Technology.

At Tregren we believe that the food production is constantly moving closer to the consumer. Our objective is to develop and manufacture consumer products for urban gardening. Urban gardening products for consumers are indoor gardens; products for home and kitchen gardening. Tregren’s indoor gardens represent contemporary Nordic design, where functionality and design merge into solid and sound consumer products. Our aim is to become the leading manufacturer and the forerunner of urban gardening products for both consumers and businesses. Today we are one of the leading indoor garden companies in Europe.

Our operation started in Finland in 2010. Since then we have expanded to the Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

We have recently expanded to more than 15 countries. The target is to become the leading manufacturer of urban gardening products in the world by 2020. Tregren’s first product, the Herbie indoor garden, was introduced at the Habitare design fair in Helsinki in September 2010. Herbie is the first second generation hydroponics device, which enables you to grow plants from seeds, or you can use herb pots bought from any grocery store. Since the launch we have sold over 50.000 Herbie indoor gardens, and over 15.000 Genie indoor gardens. The demand for Herbie is continuously strong. In the upcoming sales season we will launch new colors as well as new accessories. Our new products Genie and Vertie are results of an extensive R&D process conducteded in close collaboration with our selected partners. Both products incorporate our novel Active Growing Technology. The demand for both of these products has exceeded our expectations.