Press release 7.2.2019

Urban gardening trend growing stronger as easy to use IoT kitchen gardens become mainstream.          Tregren’s T6 kitchen garden (ESPOO, 7th of February 2019) – The ever growing urban gardening trend is hitting the cities across the globe with an increasing intensity. We see this trend bringing green buildings, urban farms and […]

T-series now available on Kickstarter.

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Sage – (Salvia officinalis) Sage has beautiful silver green leaves and violet blue flowers. A little bitter and camphoric taste, reminiscent of mint in flavour and fragrance, but is stronger and more pungent. Use sparingly as sage has a very strong taste. Sage comes from the Mediterranean countries. But is grown a lot in China, […]


Mint – (Mentha spicata)     Mint is an herb with a fresh flavour. It has bright green leaves and the flowers are light purple. Possesses a hint of menthol in taste. Mint grows wild in Southern Europe and is cultivated even in the northernmost parts of Finland. Spearmint is the most widely cultivated species […]


Tarragon   Tarragon has a strong aromatic and slightly bitter taste and is considered one of the finest spices. Belongs to traditional French and Armenian cuisines. Often recommended to use as fresh. Tarragon is not a very old spice. It has only been used since the 1500’s. Russian tarragon stems from Siberia. Tarragon appears to […]


Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) Coriander has a strong smell and a rather cute, original flavor. This means that you either really like it or not at all. Coriander is an essential seasoning in oriental dishes. In the Far East and Asia, it is called the China parsley and used as parsley. Coriander comes from southern Europe […]


Dill (Anethum graveolens)           Dill is one of the oldest and most famous potted plants. Nowadays, it is used mostly as a condiment for fish. Dill should be used much more than it is today, already thanks to its rich content of iron (more than in spinach and parsley). It also […]


Oregano – (Origanum vulgare)      Oregano or marjoram is an herb with reddish flowers. It has a very nice aroma with a hint of marjoram and thyme. Oregano is often confused with marjoram which is more inconspicuous in appearance but stronger in taste than oregano. Oregano is found wild in Europe and Asia and […]


Basil (Ocimum basilicum)           Basil has a special, very pleasant taste and does not take over other spices. The leaves are strong, green and shiny. The fragrance can be felt right from a single leaf. Basil gives a pleasant aroma and flavour to whatever it is used in. The basic Basil […]

Tregren 5 years – stronger than ever.

It’s with mixed feelings I’m writing our usual business update as it has been the toughest year in Tregren’ s 5 year history. The recession in Finland with the continuous re-structuring at our retailer partners have created a turmoil that we couldn’t not foresee. This left an ugly mark on our growth target of more […]