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New! T-series kitchen garden

Coming very soon on Kickstarter. Stay tuned….

Three times faster growth! No hassle! This is a reality with the new T3, T6 and T12 kitchen gardens.

The joy of simplicity is our guiding star when we develop products for your home. In our new T-series we have taken this philosophy further than ever.

T3, T6 and T12 are controlled through the innuitive Smart Gardener app. The Smart Gardener app Controls the Active Growing Technology developed by Tregren.

The intuitive Smart Gardner app, together with Active Growing Technology maintain the optimal combination of light water and nutrients, providing ideal growing conditions for the specific plants you grow. The software includes settings that adjust the light, the irrigation and the nutrients to suite the plants you grow in your kitchen garden.

Herbie Indoor Garden

Herbie combines simplistic aesthetics and convenient functionality in one solid product. The highly developed Active Growing Technology guarantees quick growth and plentiful harvest.

Genie Kitchen Garden

The energy-saving, smart and ecological Genie takes new approach on indoor gardening, incorporating sustainable materials, innovative technology, effortless usability and contemporary design.