New! T-series kitchen garden

A fully automated kitchen garden with perfect growing conditions with a touch of a button, 3 times faster growth, only minutes a month of maintenance, sound too good to be true?

NO, this is reality with our T-series kitchen garden.

The joy of simplicity is our guiding star when we develop products for your home. In our T-series we have taken this philosophy further than ever.

T3, T6 and T12 are controlled through the innuitive Smart Gardener app. The Smart Gardener app Controls the Active Growing Technology developed by Tregren.

The intuitive Smart Gardner app, together with Active Growing Technology maintain the optimal combination of light water and nutrients, providing ideal growing conditions for the specific plants you grow. The software includes settings that adjust the light, the irrigation and the nutrients to suite the plants you grow in your kitchen garden.




Fast- you get 3x times faster growth compared to traditional methods thanks to our Active Growing Technology and you can harvest your greens more often. You save Money by growing your greens yourself and you know where they come from.


Easy – like human beings, every plant has it’s own special needs. Some need more water or light than others and it’s not always easy to keep the plants alive. Smart Gardener app offers you plant specific programs for the different plants you grow. You Control your T-series kitchen garden through the Smart Gardener and you can even create your own plant programs if you so wish. You don’t need any prior experience to succeed.  Maintenance takes only minutes a month – Smart Gardener app tells when to add more water, change it and add nutrients. Sounds easy? It is!

Versatile – Grow anything, herbs, strawberries, chilies or even orchids. You choose what to you grow, the Smart Gardener will take care of the rest. The Smart Gardener app have over 50 plants specific growing programs to choose from. You can choose to continue growing plants you bought, start from seeds or cuttings. Your not limited to any specific seed pods nor a specific growing media. The choice is yours.




Maintenance 15min per month 3x Faster Growth Active Growing Technology No Soil

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T-series Kitchen Garden is designed for indoor use and in the T-series you have perfect growing conditions for the different species of plants enabled by the Smart Gardener application and the Active Growing Technology™. Thanks to these technologies your plants grow 3 times faster. The Active Growing Technology™ provides nutritious, oxygenous water to the roots of the plants, the growing light with the optimal light spectrum is an important factor for the growth, and innovative use of nutrients. The Smart Gardener application controls and adjusts everything so ideal conditions are created for the different plants.

The only difference is the size. The T3 is a kitchen garden for small kitchens and households. T6 is the most common size and is designed for a family that uses herbs in their cooking. T12 is the big one for those who use a lot of greens on a daily basis.

The T3 fits 3-6 pots/seed pods depending on their size. The T6 fits 6-12 pots/ seed pods depending on their size. The T12 fits 12-24 pots/seed pods depending on their size.

The light is a specially designed LED light that has the optimal spectrum for plants. It resembles midday light at midsummer. It differs from most of the growing lights in the market as we have mixed more yellow light in it to make it pleasant for the human eye.

Anything from 3 days to 21 days. When you start from seeds you don’t need to add water for the first 2-3 weeks. At the time you have full grown plants you will need to add water more often. How often , is dependent on which plants you grow. The Smart Gardener application will remind you when to add more water.

We recomend that you change water every 3 weeks. By doing this you will ensure that the plants have the right amount of nutrients and the water is fresh.

Nutrients should be added every three weeks at the same time when you change the water.

By changing the water regulary you ensure optimal growth of the plants as it’s important to have fresh water with the right PH at all times.

Nutrients are the key to growth, by having the right nutrients for the plants you ensure a strong and fast growth. The nutrients affect the taste and the health of the plants.

You can use the T-series Kitchen Gardens without the application as each garden is pre-installed with the Smart Default program. The only thing you need to do is to plug in your kitchen garden and add water.

The pump can be cleaned by removing the grid in front of the pump. After this you can take away the cover that adjusts the flow of water. Now you can see the propeller. Take out propeller, rinse it under water and put the pieces back together in reverse order.

The power of the lamp and pump is 5,5 watts. If the T3 or T6 is on continuously (24/7), the monthly energy consumption is approx. 4 kWh i.e. 0,5 euros depending on your electricity agreement. For T12 the energy consumption is double.

The lifetime is expected to be between 3-5 years. Spare parts can be found at

The lifetime is expected to be between 3-5 years. Spare parts can be found at

If you have properly cleaned the pump as explained above, it may be necessary to reboot the garden. You do this by taking the power source out 4 times in a row with no more than 5s apart from the last. After this the light should blink. You will also need to choose the program again for the garden if you have the app in use.