T6 – the herb garden

You can fit all your favorit herbs in the T6 and you will have fresh and tasty herbs all year.

The T6 is fully automated, perfect growing conditions with touch of a button, 3 times faster growth, less than 15 minutes of maintenance per month and makes anyone to a master gardener … sound to good to be true?


T6 is a compact kitchen garden featuring the absolut latest advances in indoor gardening and hydroponic cultivation. T6 is perfectly suited for the for  families as you can grow your herbs and lettuce in it.  The compact design, the Smart Gardener and Active Growing Technology ensure that you get a constant big yield all year.


All T-series kitchen gardens can be used to grow plants from seeds ad use pre-grown plants grown in pots of any shape. You can choose which ever growing media you want to or use pots with soil. You can fit up to 12 Tregren seed pods in the T6.


In the T6 you can grow almost any plant, herbs, lettuce, chilies, tomatoes, strawberries even orchides. In the Smart Gardener app you select the growing program that optimize the growth of the plants . Smart Gardener app ensure that your plants grow and prosper.  It control the light, the watering and the nutrients. It also reminds you when you need to add water and nutrients.


T6 use the latest advance is in growing light technology thus providing the plants the best possible light spectrum and innovative lens technology to save energy.


T6 combine the latest technology with effortless usability and contemporary design. It’s easy, fast and versatile. Buy yours now..

Active Growing Technology 3x Faster Growth Maintenance 15min per month

Design by Mikael Ericsson

Mikael Eriksson is an ambitious and goal-oriented designer with focus on the details. Eriksson is a founding partner of Top Notch Design. The Stockholm-based studio provides services in industrial design and product development. Top Notch Design deliver advanced prototypes and develop plastic products. They specialize in finding new technologies to create that Top Notch feeling.

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